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100% Pure Activated Charcoal Powder




Charcoal PowderThere are other sellers of Hardwood activated charcoal powder; the big difference is the price you pay. We are sure you'll find that our prices are absolutely the best you can get!

Each container contains approximately 10 oz. (by weight) of activated charcoal powder.


1 container - $7.99

6 containers - $42.00 ( $7.00 each)

12 containers - $75.00( 6.25 each)

24 containers - $138.00 ($5.75 each)




5 pounds - $47.50 ($9.50 per pound)

25 pounds - $187.50 ($7.50 per pound)

44 pounds - $264.00 ($6.00 per pound)




100 Capsules - $8.99

300 Capsules - $20.95

1,000 Capsules - $53.75>


Larger quantities available - Call for quotes


Activated Charcoal Powder can be made into a Charcoal Slurry, which can then be drunk. The Activated Charcoal in the Slurry can ADSORB from the bloodstream heavy metals, such as mercury, which usually comes from mercury amalgam fillings in the mouth. It can ELIMINATE food Poisoning, indigestion, gas and colon problems (Colitis, Crohn's, I.B.S, etc.).

NOTE: The MOST EFFICIENT method that can be used to REMOVE the mercury from the body, is to have your mercury amalgam fillings REMOVED by a QUALIFIED mercury-FREE dentist, using the PROPER removal protocol.

Activated Charcoal Powder can be made into a Charcoal Poultice, which can then be applied externally to the body. The Activated Charcoal in the Poultice can ADSORB the POISON from bee stings or snake bites, plus HEAL bruises, ulcerations, inflammation and injuries.



NOTE: Please be AWARE that a tattooing effect could possibly occur if it is used on an OPEN cut and/or wound (although we have never experienced it)!

An Activated Charcoal Poultice can RELIEVE inflammation of the eyes. A small 2" x 2" Activated Charcoal Poultice (or Compress) can be made and applied over one eyelid for 8-10 hours. It should then be removed and another Charcoal Compress used on the opposite eyelid.

DOSAGES - Slurry/Drink:

General Health: Mix 1 tsp. of Activated Charcoal Powder into 8 oz. of pure water and drink 1-3 glasses per day.

General Illness (Flus, Colds): Mix 1 tsp. of Activated Charcoal Powder into 8 oz. of pure water and drink 4-7 glasses per day.

SERIOUS Illness: Mix 1 tsp. of Activated Charcoal Powder into 8 oz. of pure water and drink 8-12 glasses per day.


Charcoal binds to and prevents the absorption of many medicines, so do not take medicines for at least 2 hours before or after taking charcoal. We suggest that you consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are on medication.

Charcoal is not effective in treating overdoses of petroleum products.

For suspected poisoning, consult a poison control center expert before taking activated charcoal. Do not use activated charcoal at the same time as syrup of ipecac, another common home remedy for poisoning. Charcoal can be used after ipecac has done its job, which is to induce vomiting.

When taken in large doses, activated charcoal can cause black stools, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, and vomiting. Consult your doctor if you have any questions.

Avoid activated charcoal if you have any type of bowel obstruction.


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